Excursions and Activities

Excursions and Activities

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Situated between the eastern edges of the Alps and the western edge of the Small Hungarian Plains, this unique and unspoiled National Reserve was declared a cross-border national park in 1993: approximately 230 sq km belong to Hungarian and about 100 sq km to Austrian territory. The biggest part of this National Park is formed by the southern part of the Lake Neusiedl and the Saline lakes. In 2001, this beautiful nature spot of joined the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Over the past centuries, local residents have shaped this region through deforestation, drainage, hunting and farming to create a cultural landscape that has been combining economic exploitation and conservation of this natural habitat perfectly. The landscape is largely influenced by the longstanding tradition of viticulture in the area. In the surrounding villages, vaulted cellars, wine presses and Kellergassen (hollow lanes with wine cellars on one or both sides) will remind you about the wine-growing tradition of the area.

Just like a mosaic, there are wetlands, marshlands, oak forests, sand steppes, pastures, meadows and salt lakes that border on each other. Flora and fauna from Alpine, Pannonic, Asian, Mediterranean and Nordic territories have created an exceptional biodiversity subsisting in diverse habitats. There are about 300 local bird species. More than the half of them are migratory birds that use the area as an essential resting place during their journey.

Despite its idyllic location, VILA VITA Pannonia still has good transport connections. In ten minutes, you can reach the Hungarian border. It is 70km/43miles to Vienna Airport, 80km/50miles to Vienna city and 65km/40miles to Bratislava Airport.

Excursions & Activities

There are numerous places to visit in Austria. Our holiday village is the ideal starting point for excursions to many of them by bicycle or car. We are looking forward to recommending day trips interesting tours in Seewinkel and the region around Lake Neusiedl.

Every summer since 1957, the Seefestspiele Mörbisch have been taking place. It attracts more than 50,000 visitors every year making it one of the largest operetta festivals of the world.


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